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Welcome to the world of Mollydooker where art blends with left of field agriculture to create wines of fantastical quality and incredible flavour.
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Dive Deep & Discover The MollyDooker Wow Factor

The Mollydooker


01 Pour a Small Amount
Start by opening the bottle and pour a small amount into a glass until the wine is halfway down the neck of the bottle. This allows some room in the bottle to effectively shake the wine.
02 Replace the Cap
Now, if you’re serving one of our sparklings, whites, or rosé you’re done! No shake necessary. But if you’ve got one of our reds, now that you’ve made some room in the bottle, put the cap back on. (Note that we recommend shaking up until five years after the vintage date. If you’re not sure when this is, check the back of the label!)
03 Shake It, Baby!
Invert the bottle and SHAKE! Vigorously, for about 5 seconds. Why are you doing this? We use nitrogen in our winemaking process to protect the wine and to minimise sulphites. If you think of flavour like a big round ball, nitrogen flattens that ball. So by doing the shake, the nitrogen is released and the flavour ball pops back out to its full size!
04 Open the Bottle
Notice the fine layer of nitrogen bubbles that have risen to the top of the wine. Those are good–they mean you’re on the right track. Open the cap to release the nitrogen out of the bottle.
05 Do It Again
For best results, repeat steps 2, 3, and 4. By now you might be wondering... how is the Mollydooker Shake different than aerating or decanting? Great question! Nitrogen acts antagonistically to oxygen, so by not shaking our wines, you’re neither removing the nitrogen nor effectively aerating.
06 Pour a Full Glass
Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Pour yourself a full glass and discover the Mollydooker difference. We recommend tasting it side by side with the glass you poured out in step one. The difference will amaze you!

The Marquis

Fruit Weight

What is it?
The Marquis Fruit Weight is our measure of quality. It’s the percentage of your palate (from the tip to the very back of your tongue) that’s covered by the velvety sensation of fruit that occurs when a wine’s tannins, alcohol, and acid are all perfectly balanced.
Flavour & Acidity Curves
We constantly assess & record Fruit Weight throughout the entire growing & winemaking process. In the vineyard, we’re looking for the perfect intersection of the increasing flavour curve and the decreasing acidity curve.
The Sweet Spot
As time passes on the vine, acidity begins to drop and flavour and sugars dramatically increase. In a span of about 4 weeks, we find the ‘Sweet Spot’ that we’re looking for. It’s then that we harvest.
The Mollydooker Quality Guarantee
Each of our wine tiers have a minimum fruit weight. Our very best fruit, with a minimum fruit weight of 95%, is reserved for our Velvet Glove. Love wines are between 85-95%, Family wines are 75-85%, Lefty’s are 65-75%, and the Fun wines are 55-65%. Anything below 55% is not used in any Mollydooker product.

The Marquis Vineyard


Canopy Growth
Each spring, we begin inspecting our vines twice-weekly and supplying ample water in order to grow a protective canopy.
In late spring, as the vines start to produce grapes, we reduce the water supply. As the soil dries, vines begin protecting their grapes by conserving energy and cutting off all growing tips in the canopy.
Fruit Development
It is at this critical transition point that we resume watering. As the vines go slowly back through the reproduction phase, the fruit begins to flesh out and change colour, and the vine is able to store excess energy.
Flavour Creation
At the peak of reproduction, we turn the water off, causing the stored energy to dump into the fruit. We then repeatedly turn the water on and off, each time releasing excess energy into the fruit.
Just after harvest, we water for 8 hours per day for three days, then 8 hours per week until the last leaf falls. This is crucial to help the vines rebuild & store energy before winter dormancy.

Family Owned

Sarah Marquis
Owner & Chief Winemaker
Sarah began her career with a degree in winemaking and after building many successful wine brands, she founded Mollydooker. With a focus on the vineyard and a flair for creativity, Sarah and her wines have earned numerous awards both locally and internationally. When she’s not busy tasting wines, her passion through Mollydooker is to support and help their three major charities. Today, the mother of the real-life Blue Eyed Boy and the Gigglepot will introduce herself in true Mollydooker style, with a left-hand shake.

The Team

Luke Marquis
The Blue Eyed Boy
Travelling across the world as our Global Sales Manager, Luke loves the thrill of life and speed. Catch him hitting a round of golf, attending music festivals and shaking our wines wherever he goes.
Holly Marquis
The Gigglepot
Cellar Door Manager, Gigglepot News Writer and everything in between. You'll find Holly pouring her passions where-ever needed when she's not busy advocating for the environment and hiking.
Peter Tavella
Senior Winemaker
Peter is a vinyl-collecting, veggie-growing, golfing family man. This is his 14th vintage with Mollydooker!
Peter Constantine
Vineyard Manager
While not at Mollydooker (growing his 18th vintage!), Peter can be found at the gym where he doubles as a personal trainer.
Our magical tale begins with a love story & a dream to create something fun.
The Marquis Vineyard Watering Program is first implemented.
Sarah and Sparky Marquis are named Australian Winemakers of the Year.
“The greatest red wine values in existence...anywhere!” - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate
The first vintage of Mollydooker, founded by two left-handed winemakers, Sarah and Sparky.
The Violinist is rated the Best Value White Wine in the World and The Boxer the Best Value Red Wine in the World - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate.
Carnival of Love Shiraz 2007 is rated #8 in Wine Spectator’s Top 10 Wines in the World.
The next year, Carnival of Love Shiraz 2008 is rated #9 in Wine Spectator's Top 10 Wines in the World.
Sip it Forward is created, focused on supporting communities locally and abroad.
Carnival of Love Shiraz 2012 is awarded Winestate’s #1 AUS & NZ Wine of the Year and #2 in Wine Spectator’s Top 10 Wines in the World.
Setting out on their own Enchanted Paths, Sarah takes the reins at Mollydooker.
Sarah is awarded ‘Owner/Operator of the Year’ at the Australian Women in Wine Awards.
Mollydooker is named the ‘Telstra South Australian Business of the Year.’
The talented & experienced Mollydooker team continues the magic!

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